The New Standard in Genetic and Trait Leadership
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Farmers need consistent seed with traits that both protect fields and maximize yield potential. In the past, they may have had to choose one or the other. Now, thanks to the latest advancements in traits and technology, farmers don’t have to sacrifice yield for traits or vice versa.  Travis Belt, U.S. portfolio lead for Brevant® seeds, says Brevant seeds is setting a new standard with industry-leading science and trait innovation – giving farmers and retailers the elite genetics they require.

The 2024 class of Brevant® brand corn and soybeans feature a cumulative 64 new products, including Brevant brand Vorceed® Enlist® corn, Brevant brand PowerCore® Enlist® corn and Brevant brand Enlist E3® soybeans. With expanded access to elite genetics and the latest technological advancements from Corteva Agriscience, farmers will have more options to protect their yield potential and defend against pests unlike ever before.

Belt says there is a lot to be excited about as Brevant seeds continues to prove itself as a leader in genetics and traits.

“When I think of the excitement around what we’re bringing to market, I think about the depth of the 2024 trait class,” Belt said. “Vorceed and PowerCore technology have additional modes of action to protect against above-ground pests and the Enlist trait brings the most herbicide modes of action to any corn hybrids on the marketplace today. Those trait packages stacked with our genetic chassis allows us to continue raising the bar.”

The latest class of Brevant brand corn hybrids features improved genetics and traits. Brevant brand Vorceed Enlist corn is equipped with six insect protection modes of action and four herbicide tolerance modes of action to deliver enhanced protection on corn rootworm acres. Similarly, Brevant brand PowerCore Enlist corn features three distinct modes of action for above-ground pests – providing broad-spectrum control. Brevant brand PowerCore Enlist corn has increased black cutworm protection and an additional MOA on all key lepidopteran pests.

The new class of Brevant brand Enlist E3 soybeans is two times larger than any other Brevant brand soybean class – providing an advanced agronomic package through ag retail. The 2024 class offers products from 0.1 to 4.7 relative maturity, including nine varieties with Peking resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN). The next generation of Brevant brand soybeans demonstrates improved performance for emergence, standability, Phytophthora field tolerance and charcoal rot, plus significant enhancements in combating iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC), white mold, sudden death syndrome (SDS) and frogeye leaf spot. This class averages 2.0 bu/A1 more than competitor Enlist E3 soybeans and wins 65% of the time in head-to-head comparisons.

“We’ve made huge strides in soybean advancements,” Belt said. “We’ve improved agronomics, stability, and overall performance with this soybean lineup. The genetic foundation of this class is exceptional.”

Though Belt says the current seed portfolio is as robust as it’s ever been, there is still more to come. As technologies advance and new traits come down the pipeline, Belt adds that there is a lot to look forward to.

“The way I look at it, we’re getting momentum,” Belt said. “We think about the new trait packages coming out of the 2024 class of Brevant brand corn and soybeans and our germplasm pool is really strong. But we aren’t stopping here. We will continue to provide the latest innovations through ag retail and with that growth, we will progress as leaders in traits and genetics.”

The depth of the Brevant seeds portfolio fills agronomic gaps to give farmers more choice and sets up ag retail to deliver yield wins on their customers’ acres. For more information about the industry’s leading seed technology, visit


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1Data is based on an average of 3,343 comparisons made in pre-commercial testing across the U.S. through 2021-2023. Comparisons are against competitive brands, unless otherwise stated, and within +/- 0.1 days of relative maturity of the competitive brands. Product responses are variable and subject to a number of environmental, disease and pest pressures. Individual results may vary. Multi-year and multi-location data are a better predictor of performance. DO NOT USE THIS OR ANY OTHER DATA FROM A LIMITED NUMBER OF TRIALS AS A SIGNIFICANT FACTOR IN PRODUCT SELECTION. Contact your retailer for the latest and complete listing of traits and scores for the products provided subject to the terms and conditions of purchase which are part of the labeling and purchase documents.



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